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      Assembled In The USA




      Assembled In The USA

The Zero Lift Pro Bath Sling Lift


Meet Haley


Hayley's family uses the PRO Bath Sling Lift in the bathroom and in her bedroom to move her from one place to another. In fact, her bathroom is designed so that the lift swings one way to put her in the bathtub... then 180 degrees to place her over the commode.  A great plan!!


In addition to the Luxury Pro Bath Chair Lift®, Safe Bathtub Inc has responded to industry requests to design and manufacture a Bath Sling Lift. Designed for those with very limited mobility, the ZERO LIFT PRO BATH SLING LIFT is being used successfully to assist caregivers in carefully moving patients from one location to another, .i.e., from a wheel chair to a bed or bathing facility,  or even from a wheel chair to a commode and back.

Meet Nelson

Pro Bath Sling Lift easy rotation

The sling is secured to the lift and begins

  to raise Nelson vertically.

The Pro Bath Sling Lift is automatically rotating Nelson in the direction of his wheelchair.



Meet Nelson, a young man who sustained serious injuries after being involved in an automobile accident  He is improving daily..


In the meantime, Nelson's family and caregivers use Safe Bathtub Inc's

ZERO LIFT PRO BATH SLING LIFT to move him from his bed to a wheelchair and from his wheelchair into the bathtub for bathing and therapy.  Nelson's mom declares, "In one minute he is out of bed!".

Perfect For Those With

 Limited Mobility

Safely seated in his wheelchair, Nelson's mother secures the

PRO BATH SLING LIFT for later  use, while Nelson's caregiver prepares to move him to the bathroom where he will be placed in the bathtub with a second PRO BATH SLING LIFT.


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